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What are Orgonite Pyramids?

The word ‘orgone’ is where organite has come from, which was given by Wilheim Reich into the vital energy that is found almost everywhere in nature. In addition to that, called prana, elan, elan vital, ether, chi or the 5th element, this energy exists in natural way under various forms. It could be OR or neutral, POR or positive as well as DOR or Deadly Orgone Energy. When orgone is positive, it allows living organisms to exist in healthy state. Moreover, Reich invested a lot of time in doing research on the behaviors and properties of the said energy.

Orgonite is actually a combination of catalyzed fiberglass resin with metal shavings that’s poured into molds. In the said mixture, essential oils, crystals, high vibration organic materials can be added to enhance the working of organite or making the energy more coherent. Because of that, organite is simply a substance that works as continuously operating, self driven, highly efficient energy transmutation device that is drawing negative energy and transmuting it to positive energy at the same time by emanating the energy of set intention.

Resin in organite is actually shrinking primarily because of its curing process that squeezes the quartz crystal inside permanently. With this process, it creates piezoelectric effect in the crystal or simply put, the endpoints become electrically polarized. Apparently, this causes it to work more effectively as being a positive energy generator.

The mixture of crystals and resin matrix/ metal creates the possibility of transmuting deadly orgone energy, negative polarity of orgone energy to OR, the positive polarity of orgone energy. Apart from that, it is also noticed that placing orgone generator on nuclear power plant’s vicinity is creating a reduced effect on DOR orgone field that surrounds the nuclear reactors. Orogne generator is also known to help in neutralizing DOR fields which surrounds microwave and ELF, cell phone towers and many other centers with high rates of negative energy.

There are lots of people who have actually noticed a positive emotional effect when near the presence of orgone generators. Both mood and emotions tend to elevate, some people who even have problems with sleeping have reported that they’re now able to sleep soundly and a lot better with orgone pyramid in their bedroom. When placed near the proximity of orgone pyramid, many people also noticed that plants are growing more vigorously. Because of this, there are some people who are bringing them to work and observed that there’s less competition in the office and their officemates have become friendlier.

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