our guide to the best tacos in Williamsburg

Few people know that Cinco de Mayo celebrates the Mexican army unlikely victory over the French in 1862 but that doesn mean you can at least be educated about Mexican food.

And Williamsburg Southside is where the neighborhood Mexican immigrants have been quietly serving up deliciously authentic cheap jerseys tacos, tortas, huaraches, and chilaquiles for the past decade.

So this year, we gathered our own troops for an eating tour of the area and the result is a user guide to Cinco de Mayo that will allow you to raise a taco or two to those 19th century Mexican heroes.

Under the steady rumble of the above ground J train rests Zocalo, a by the book Mexican joint popular for take out orders of tacos, burritos and quesadillas.

One bite, and it is easy to see why. The steak taco, which comes with slices of radishes and limes on the side, was well prepared, not too charred or chewy.

The vegetarians on our tour noted that the quesadilla contained whole zucchini and a soft, melted white cheese, but the tacos contained mostly lettuce, black beans and bright red bits of tomatoes.

Still, it was the best vegetarian taco on the tour.

Everyone also raved about the guacamole, which was thick, flavorful and not watered down.

Salsa: Red and green. Red was medium hot, green was very hot.

On TV: a telenovela on Telemundo,

Our Lady of Guadelupe shrine: Next to the security camera

This quaint storefront restaurant may be one step up from a food truck, but at any given moment, you will see employees picking through bushels of cilantro and searing meat on a large gas stove.

Stick with the tacos here and get them to go, which at $2 a pop are the best deal in Williamsburg. The no frills steak taco was fresh with lettuce and diced tomatoes but definitely enhanced by the spicy green salsa available in a squeeze bottle. The vegetarian tacos consisted of rice, beans, lettuce and peas, an unusual but still satisfying combination. Quesadillas, which can be made with carne enchilada (spiced pork), al pastor (pork), suadero (brisket beef), carne asasa (roast beef), mushrooms, and even pumpkin flowers, are also a highlight.

On the other hand, the chicken tostadas, a deep fried tortilla with toppings, were crunchy but bland while the chorizo huraches, an oblong fried masa base with toppings, had a mix of cheese, sour cream and chorizo that could have had more meat. Still, it hard to nitpick when everything except the burritos cost under $5.

Salsa: Red was medium hot, green was very hot. Use liberally.

On TV: A telenovela on Univision

Our Lady of Guadelupe shrine: Near to the gas tank above the stove. Also, a photo of the Red Sox circa 2007 is prominently placed on the wall above the meager seating.

Located smack on the border between the Latino south side and the rapidly gentrifying industrial corridor below Union Avenue tries to put its foot in both worlds.

A recent makeover adding flat screen tvs and bay windows has made it a popular brunch location, with hangover curing specials such as fried eggs chilaquiles and huevos rancheros. While its Armani Exchange wearing waiters and English translated menu are designed to attract recent additions to the neighborhood, the restaurant offers a variety of brightly colored chimichangas, flautas, and burritos, with an emphasis on fish.

The strength is the brunch special, offered from 11 am to 4 pm, so stick with that if you can. The chilaquiles consisted of deep fried tortillas topped with fried eggs and a spicy jalapeno sauce, with http://www.cheapjerseys11.com/ a side of yellow rice and black beans. It was devoured within minutes.

Vegetable tacos are also a good bet, containing zucchini and squash, as are the pork tacos, which came with pineapple slices, Mexican feta, and sour cream. However, the tortillas can be chewy and the steak in steak tacos was a bit hard for one of our tasters.

Salsa: Red was very mild and a bit watery but the green was smooth, dense and sublimely hot.

On TV: Fox Sports Espanol. Which means one thing this time of year: Futbol!

Our Lady of Guadelupe: On top of the fridge, next to a vase of flowers.

Striped acrylic tablecloths. Felt and straw sombreros hanging on the wall. An old fashioned jukebox playing Mexican pop rock. Welcome to a Williamsburg that few hipsters know about.

Tucked in the middle of a busy commercial street, Antojitos Mexicanos is worth the trip, offering the most flavorful tacos, tortas, and tamales in our survey. Its huaraches, which is made from scratch, contain black beans embedded in the masa, and is piled high with lettuce, sour cream and generous portions of meat and cheese.

Practically anything you order will leave you smiling and nodding to your group of friends, while a Spanish language version of Hotel California plays in the background.

Fair warning. Our intern, Liz, took a bite of a chalupa and described the experience as a lightheade before being reduced to the brink of tears because of its spiciness.

Our gas prices spike ahead of holiday travel

From Nov. 24 28, which included the holiday, motorists in Metro Orlando were paying an average of $1.99 according to AAA.

Then, members of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Nations decided to cut production by 1.2 million barrels per day and prices for crude oil and gasoline immediately spiked. A couple weeks later, prices spiked again after non OPEC members led by Russia also agreed to cut output. The total cheap jerseys production cut from the two agreements, if they hold, would be 1.8 million barrels a day, AAA said. Mercantile Exchange on Tuesday. That’s a far cry from its 12 month low of $26.21 on Feb. 11 or even its $43.32 closing price on Nov. 14.

And a http://www.cheapjerseys11.com/ gallon of unleaded regular on Wednesday was averaging $2.29 for Central Florida drivers, still 12 cents more than a week earlier and reflective of a 13 cent overnight price hike last Thursday.

You probably know what that means for Florida overall. That’s right, higher gas prices: Averages of $2.32, 22 cents higher than a month ago and 30 cents higher than a year ago, AAA said. Nationally, the average of $2.25 is 11 cents higher than a month ago and 25 cents higher than a year ago.

Travelers are finding the highest holiday gas prices in two to three years and they are likely to go higher if crude prices resume climbing, AAA said in a news release.

“It is kind of unusual” that Florida prices were trending so much higher than that national average, AAA spokesman Mark Jenkins said Tuesday. “I would have to say it’s due to increased demand with vacationers and snowbirds heading down there. Anytime you’ve got high demand you can put a strain on supply and cause gas prices to rise.”

Plus, wholesale distributors, perhaps anticipating increased demand, raised prices 6 cents a gallon in the state last week, Jenkins said.

There’s one sign that demand might have been overestimated: Since Monday’s average price of $2.32 in Metro Orlando the high point of 2016 and a mark not seen since mid August 2015 the price here is down 3 cents.

Our Five Best Cheap Eats This Week

Tax Day no doubt left at least a few of you feeling a little bit poorer, and it for you especially this week that we present a list of five great NYC restaurants where you can eat for less than $10. Nothing striking your fancy? Check out our Cheap Eats archives for more ideas.

Tortilleria Mexicana Los Hermanos, 271 Starr Street, Brooklyn, 718 456 3422

Part tortilla factory, part taco counter, this Bushwick standby is favored by longtime residents and noobs alike, and it offers the cheapest of cheap delights (no dish tops $3.25) and some of the most authentic Mexican cooking this side of the Rocky Mountains. Taquitos ($1.50), which, true to name, are small tacos (not skinny fried tortilla rolls) are the best choice if you crave variety; four of these make a hearty meal for $6. Go for the spicy cheap jerseys pork, crumbled red with annato and chile, and just a hair less musky than the chorizo, which is sweeter and firmer. We also like the beef or plain pork it with green chile salsa for an extra kick, and sip a sweet Mexican Coke or BYO Corona. Palmer Egan

Francela, 1429 Third Avenue, 212 335 0022

This new ish Upper East Side Turkish restaurant is one of the city best grab and go options, and that makes it a good stop if you planning a picnic for Central Park. The counter vends its vegetarian sides by the pound, and you can put together a plate of spinach and garlic, baba ghanoush, hummus, cacik (yogurt with cucumber), and cracked wheat salad for under $10. Or opt for a cup of lentil soup, another traditional Turkish dish, and pair it to the outlet stellar homemade lemonade. Shunk

Yuji Ramen, Bowery Whole Foods, 95 East Houston Street, 212 420 1320

Yuji fan base at the Bowery Whole Foods grew so large, the market decided to keep the mazemen monger on permanently rather than rotate the stall to another Smorgasburg vendor as planned. You can still get a bowl of noodles for under $10 here; try the ramen coated with egg and speckled with bacon, a la carbonara, or topped with roasted vegetables and injected with savory miso. We especially like this place if we forced to brave Whole Foods on a Sunday it fortifies us for fighting the crowds. Shunk

Paranthas at Parantha Alley, Smorgasburg, Williamsburg and Brooklyn Bridge Park

Stopover at this Smorgasburg roti stand for a classic Indian street treat that run you just $7. Seared to order on a hot griddle, these flavorful flatbreads come stuffed with your choice of potatoes, cheese, super spicy shredded fish (machili), chicken, or cauliflower (a great new choice this spring), and a handful of sauces cilantro chutney, fried chiles, pickled mango so intense they demand to be taken seriously, then cooled off with a hearty ladle of cucumber yogurt, provided for that exact purpose. Brooklyn bonus: many are vegan and new this season available gluten free. http://www.cheapjerseys11.com/ Palmer Egan.


All of that aside, I have to say these two put in a stunning entry. The main reason they won can be summed up in a http://www.cheapjerseys11.com/ single word: booze. These two know the way to my seething alcoholic heart. In fact, much of their budget was spent on a tiny airline bottle of vodka. Mixing this with juice from an organic grapefruit, picked out of a food co op free box, was a coup. Not only was the cocktail tasty, but it paired well with the organic broccoli rabe, which had a lovely vinegar tang and a slight smoky flavor. The rabe, along with most of their ingredients, also came from the nameless co op, and I am proud they lowered themselves to begging from hippies.

I say “prescient” because the courses, served in a series of identical corn pods (or “puffs,” whatever) looked like something that might replace all Midwestern food in the near future. It was fun to bite into one of these pods and taste pizza, or cheese, or banana pancakes. Plus, in case of emergency, they would be easy to carry in your little bindle as you flee from danger. On the downside, it was an insane amount of cornbread to consume in one sitting. But aside from the agonizing bloating, everything had a wonderful flavor that worked with the corniness. All of cheap jerseys the ingredients were purchased from WinCo’s bulk offerings and Fred Meyer.

The rosemary is what brings me to the biggest problem with this meal. Yes, it was cheap, being mainly purchased from the bulk bins of New Seasons Market. But I’m afraid that if the depression hits, New Seasons Market may not be around for very long. And why purchase rosemary anyway? I mean, it should be classified as a weed in Portland. It is everyfreakingwhere. I know these two are honest, but I don’t think honesty is going to get you a single dime when things get really tough. Nevertheless, I want that recipe for French toast. It was phenomenal.

I have to start off by noting that Autumn was at first an innocent bystander, before being pulled into the fray at the last moment. Therefore, I am placing all of the responsibility for this loss on the broad and capable shoulders of Matt Davis. I know Matt can take the heat, because he is a hardboiled newsman with years of experience having the doors of power slammed in his grizzled, careworn face. And I would have thought that Matt, a man on the go, would know exactly where to find cheap delicious food. Certainly he must find the occasional gourmet snack when rooting through trashcans for incriminating documents.

There were many great things about the meal, which I will attribute to Autumn. First, the presentation was spectacular. Absolutely the best looking meal by far. Also, the amount of food was incredible. It could have easily fed three people. In fact I only ate a portion of the meal before Matt swooped in to take over. However, the problem began with the lobster balls. I was surprised to learn that lobsters even had balls. Though that surprise was snuffed out when I ate one and realized that it tasted exactly like what I imagine balls would taste like: rubbery and bland.

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What you see We spot beautiful hand-block printed products from Rajasthan showcased on the window display at Soma Shop on 100 feet Road in Indiranagar, Bangalore. The store looks colorful and charming at the outset with its range of home accessories and clothing.

What you get Soma Shop is an exclusive store for hand block-printed textiles and artifacts made by villagers in Rajasthan using vegetable dyes and non-toxic chemicals. The motifs are mostly nature-related with flowers, leaves and birds. The fabric for mens clothes, womens apparel, bedsheets, quilts, table linen and the like is usually cotton.

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Other knick-knacks and artifacts at Soma Shop include all purpose boxes, trays, lampshades, photo frames, napkin holders and the like (excellent gift options). We spotted a few beaded napkin holders – very attractive, handy and worth a buy. Then there is a unique collection of block-printed bags mainly pencil bags, file folders, make-up kits, toilet kit bags, laptop bags and large travel bags for a traditional style statement.

Our verdict Soma Shop is worth a visit to check out Rajasthans hand-block printing art. The products are bright and very ethnic and are claimed to be guaranteed for machine wash. Attendants are co-operative and parking space is available on 100 feet Road.

Anytime between 10 AM 8 PM

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